The Global Search for Education: Siddhant Desai Reflects on Katharine Hayhoe Interview Revelations

C. M. Rubin
2 min readMay 4, 2024


This month, audiences can stream Net Zero Speaks with Katharine Hayhoe, the latest addition to the acclaimed Net Zero video series.

The Net Zero video series is curated by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.

In a captivating exchange, Climate Activist Siddhant Desai, a sophomore at Stony Brook University, hosts a thought-provoking interview with renowned atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy and esteemed professor at Texas Tech University. From successful solutions to climate finance strategies, to integrating nature into climate action to inclusivity and diversity in climate solutions, the interview delves into the intersection of science, society, and sustainability.

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Siddhant Desai.

Siddhant, why did you decide to interview Katharine?

Katharine Hayhoe is one of the world’s lead climate and atmosphere scientists. Her research focuses on using climate projections to determine the future impacts climate change will have on society and the environment. Dr. Hayhoe’s knowledge and insight in the field make her an amazing resource to educate climate activists like myself across the world. What makes Dr. Hayhoe truly inspirational is her focus on informing and raising awareness in both local communities and globally through her inspirational talks and publications, namely: A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions.

What surprised you most about your interview with Katharine?

The most surprising thing about the interview with Katharine Hayhoe was her ability to simplify climate change. Despite her knowledge and experience, she can simplify many complex topics and concepts into language that would be easy to understand for someone unfamiliar with climate science as a whole.

What are the main takeaways for the Net Zero audience from your interview?

My main takeaways from the interview are: climate change affects every aspect of our life, every person can make a difference, and educating yourself and others.

Thank you, Siddhant!

C. M. Rubin and Siddhant Desai

Don’t miss Net Zero Speaks with Katharine Hayhoe, now streaming on the Planet Classroom Network. This film is curated by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.