The Global Search for Education: Directors of Broken Doll, Roman Sovrano and Gaspar Aguirre, Focus on Self-Identity in a Socially Restrictive World

C. M. Rubin
3 min readApr 9, 2022

Audiences can screen Directors Roman Sovrano’s and Gaspar Aguirre’s powerful short, Broken Doll, on the Planet Classroom Network this month.

This beautifully directed, insightful, animated short focuses on the issue of self-identity in a socially restrictive world.

The main character is different to his peers and is subsequently ostracized and bullied by them. This is a story about accepting the struggle to be who you are and not letting others determine the path you ultimately choose to follow.

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Gasper Aguirre and Roman Sovrano.

Guys, Broken Doll is wonderful. What made you choose this subject for an animated short?

Thank you! The story began as a comic for an LGBTQ+ anthology where Roman and I participated with short stories. Broken Doll was one of them. That was the core of the subject but it’s mixed with personal experiences, from friends as well and cultural references that we added.

Youth identity development is critical. What advice do you have for young people struggling with similar issues?

To always be authentic to yourselves, to what you feel. It’s nice to have or find a safe environment where you can feel free and will receive help in your process, but there’s going to be people judging. The world isn’t always a friendly space and you need to be strong. I know you are.

How can viewers who don’t share these feelings support their fellow peers who are struggling?

To inform themselves. If they’re parents, to seek professionals that will help them be the best support their kids will need. To be respectful of their process and empathetic with their struggles.

What are the main takeaways you hope for from the audience that see your work?

To make people meet new realities, so they can understand the struggles trans kids and other minorities suffer when they live in hostile environments. To show kids that they are not alone, and that it gets better.

What are you working on next?

We’re working on another story related to a trans identity as well, called Psychopomp. Psychopomps are deities that appear in many religions as guides of souls in the transition from life to death. This time more related to adult issues, a little bit darker and more surreal.

C.M. Rubin with Roman Sovrano and Gaspar Aguirre

Don’t Miss Roman Sovrano and Gaspar Aguirre’s powerful short, Broken Doll, on the Planet Classroom Network this month.