The Global Search for Education: Climate Activist Wen Tian Interviews Hu Jiaojiao

This month audiences can screen Net Zero Speaks with Hu Jiaojiao on the Planet Classroom Network. This film was curated for the Planet Classroom Network by the Protect our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.

Polar hub researchers are trying to understand how quickly human-caused climate change will cause glaciers to retreat and disappear altogether.

In Net Zero Speaks with Hu Jiaojiao, Net Zero’s climate activist Wen Tian interviews Hu Jiaojiao, a female explorer and Chinese representative of the Access Water expedition and education program. Additionally, Hu Jiaojiao founded Polar Hubs, which works to understand the impact of human caused climate change in the Himalayan region, referred to as the world’s third polar home to 10 major river basins, and some of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest.

The Global Search for Education welcomes Climate Activist Wen Tian.

Welcome Wen Tian. Why did you decide to interview Hu Jiaojiao? What inspired you about her work?

I have known Jiaojiao for more than 4 years. I have participated in activities with Jiaojiao since 2018 and Dr. Pachauri, the former chairman of IPCC. Hu has made great achievements in the past 4 years, including the Polar Hub, the program of preserving Ice Core. She has demonstrated to me the power of caring for the environment and taking actions. As you will see in my interview, she is an explorer. She has a real connection with our planet earth. She recognized the impact of climate change and she is making a difference. I think those are the characteristics that inspired me.

What surprised you most about your interview?

I went to her office for the interview. I was really really happy to discover that she has a team to support her, and many many climate activities, including research and programs she is working on. I don’t think it really surprised me because I knew she would never give up. I watched the video that speaks about her efforts and it truly touched my heart. She is a strong woman. I am amazed to meet her daughter. The first time I saw her daughter, she was a little baby and now she is almost old enough to start primary school. Time flies.

What are the 3 main takeaways for the Net Zero audience from your interview?

I think my first takeaway is that she definitely reveals one of the most charming parts of mother nature to us, giving us the chance to understand and know glaciers.

Also, when you know what she has achieved as an explorer and environmentalist — there are documentaries about her and her husband — and you watch my interview, you see her as an ordinary person just like us. You see her as a mother and as a friend.

The third takeaway is that she describes what a great team means to her. Her point is truly enlightening. She refers to her family as a team — in that they support each other and rely on each other.

Thank you Wen Tian!

C.M. Rubin and Wen Tian

Don’t Miss Net Zero Speaks with Hu Jiaojiao, now streaming on the Planet Classroom Network. This film was curated for the Planet Classroom Network by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.

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