The Global Search for Education: Climate Activist Komal Mittal Interviews environmentalist John Paul Jose

C. M. Rubin
3 min readMar 5, 2023


This month, audiences can screen Net Zero Speaks with John Paul Jose on the Planet Classroom Network. This film was curated for the Planet Classroom network by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.

A visible consequence of a warming planet is an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. In Net Zero Speaks with John Paul Jose, climate activist Komal Mittal interviews John, an environmental activist from India. Hailing from an agricultural family that relies on the earth and nature to survive, John has experienced first-hand the impacts of the climate crisis and ecological destruction.

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome climate activist Komal Mittal to share perspectives on her Net Zero interview with John Paul Jose.

Why did you choose to interview John Paul Jose? What inspired you about his work?

As a part of the POP (Protect our Planet) Movement, we believe that as humans, we must work together as a team to achieve positive solutions for the climate emergency. To achieve this, we need to bring billions of people, especially young individuals, to the cause of addressing the threat of climate change. John Paul, a young environmentalist and climate activist, experienced first-hand ecological destruction, and his love for nature led him to climate activism. His work on climate change and zeal to serve for mother Earth brought billions of young people together and built a strong youth association. These young people are able to combine their collective knowledge and mobilise initiatives together to address the threat of climate change. Bringing such a thought leader to the platform added a great value to our Net Zero series.

What surprised you most about your interview?

The most surprising element about the interview with John Paul for me was how one’s realisation and observation can create a greater impact and help one to take a step forward for climate change.

What are the 3 main takeaways for the Net Zero audience from your interview?

Realisation about the climate crisis is the first step to build a connection between people and the environment. Before beginning to work on climate issues, it is more important to realise the destruction that is caused because of human activities.

Collaboration is the key to working against climate issues. It is important to bring scientists, people who attain knowledge about climate change, indigenous communities, and the ones who are working at a ground level together to mitigate the climate crisis.

Finally, the power of grassroot voices to shape effective climate solutions should be a priority. Young people are the best communicators and providing them with a platform to raise their voices and participate in climate action will contribute to attaining a sustainable future.

Thank you Komal!

C.M. Rubin and Komal Mittal

Don’t Miss Net Zero Speaks with John Paul, now streaming on the Planet Classroom Network. This film was curated for the Planet Classroom network by the Protect Our Planet Movement and Planet Classroom.