The Global Search for Education: Barbara Whiting Faces the Truth about Climate Change

This month audiences can stream Living in Denial on the Planet Classroom Network.

Living in Denial is a creative short film directed by Barbara Whiting that takes aim at the objection to climate science by some community leaders.

The residents of Denial know their town is disappearing. However, the town’s Mayor is happy to stay where he is and defy anyone who dares to say that the water is rising, people have health issues and that global warming is to blame. The timely film is styled like a daytime talk show. The host of the show is Estra Gen, who confronts the Mayor and fellow denialist, the pastor of the town, Reverend Fervour. Every claim that Estra makes is refuted by both leaders.

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Barbara Whiting.

What was the inspiration behind the idea of the town of Denial?

The inspiration was triggered when, one day, in conversation, I casually used the expression, “Oh, he’s just living in denial,” probably in reference to a politician’s evasive statement that I’d just read in the news. It was at that moment that I suddenly envisioned a town called Denial, filled with townspeople who were denialists, refusing to face facts when the truth gets hard to take. Instead, they ignore it or invent fake news which they then convince others to believe…..a fact that, sadly, is happening all too often in our world today.

What was the significance of including Reverend Fervour in the conversation about living in denial?

Being the leader of a church congregation, Reverence Fervour is a well-respected member of the town of Denial and as such, is expected to be making intelligent decisions regarding the welfare of his followers. It is, therefore, shocking to discover that Reverend Fervour, just like the town’s mayor, refuses to see the negative effects of global warming on his community.

What message do you want people to come away with after they watch your film?

Don’t be a denialist! Certainly, global warming is frightening and overwhelming at times, but we have seen the wonderfully positive effects on the planet of people who are courageous enough to face the truth and find solutions!

Thank you Barbara!

C.M. Rubin and Barbara Whiting

Don’t Miss Living in Denial, now streaming on the Planet Classroom network. This film is curated by Planet Classroom

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