The Global Search for Education: Matt Streeter’s Hide! Is about Learning to Overcome Obstacles

C. M. Rubin
3 min readNov 17, 2021

I always liked the premise of the 1990 blockbuster feature film Home Alone — an eight year troublemaker must protect his house from a couple of burglars when he is accidentally left alone by his family during Christmas vacation. While the short film Hide! is not quite the same kind of movie, it is a fun-packed, use your brain power to thwart the monster story that audiences of all ages can enjoy. Directed by Matt Streeter, it’s also a “family project” starring Matt and his daughters, Olivia and Ava Streeter, as two little girls fighting off a monster who clearly underestimates their girl power abilities.

The Global Search for Education invited Matt Streeter and his daughters, Ava and Olivia, to learn more about the making of their film.

Welcome guys. Your film is such fun. What inspired you to put together this fun family project?

Ava: We wanted to know how to make a film.

Matt: That’s right. We wanted to learn how to make a film and do post-production for it.

So what’s the big dream? What do you hope to accomplish?

Matt: We hope to achieve maximum distribution for it. And that distribution will assist Olivia and Ava with getting the exposure they need for their acting careers.

How has the process of making a film impacted, influenced, or shifted your perspective?

Olivia: Well now that we’ve been in the film, we watch TV shows and see how much work they put into that film they worked on.

Matt: That’s right. Making this film really opened our eyes to all that actors have to do when filming a TV show or movie. Also, we learned how arduous the post-production process can be!

This film demonstrates how resourceful two smart little girls can be. Do you think it will empower young people who watch it?

Matt: Definitely, yes! We know that our film will show kids that no matter how small you are or how big your adversary is or how big your problem is, you can use your brain to outsmart your obstacles and accomplish anything!

So if you were to create a sequel to Hide!, what would the girls do next?

Ava: We would create “Seek”, like hide and seek the game.

Matt: And it’s going to be you two girls chasing me. And Olivia, you had an idea for a trilogy.

Olivia: Yeah. The third one would be the mom and dad maybe chasing the girls, and then the girls would be chasing the parents.

Matt: We’d be both chasing each other on teams and it’d be called “Hide and Seek”.

Olivia: And the parents are chasing them because they’re grounded for making a film on their own, and because we are mad at them.

Sounds perfect. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us!

C.M. Rubin, Matt Streeter, Ava Streeter, Olivia Streeter

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