A brief stretch of border fence known as Friendship Park is a place where families are allowed to touch fingertips through the wall while agents look the other way. This month, audiences can screen Through The Wall, directed by Tim Nackashi, on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel.

The story takes place during the first 18 months of the Trump Administration when anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican attitudes and policies were making headlines. Mother to her 2 year old son Julian, Abril is forced to raise her son alone in the United States. Julian’s father, Uriel, resides in Mexico after being stopped…

From 1895–1950, British Columbia passed 170 anti-Asian laws beginning with denying Chinese, First Nations and Japanese the rights of citizenship. The forced internment of Japanese Canadians began in 1942 during World War II when over 22,000 Japanese Canadians were stripped of their homes, possessions and businesses in the name of national security. The majority were Canadian citizens by birth.

Maryka Omatsu’s film, Swimming Upstream, which audiences can screen on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel this month comes at a time when the traumatic impact of racism and discrimination against any targeted group is making global headlines and the Japanese…

What does it take to become your own personal Hero?

This month on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel, audiences will find out when they marvel at the artistry of dancer in Hero. Get ready to dance in the wild with this artist from Curacao who’s taken the dance world by storm.

Hero (curated for the Planet Classroom Network by Battery Dance) is a breathtaking, unforgettable work by Rogers that will move and energize all who experience it. …

Journeys to Well-Being

Please listen and share: https://bit.ly/3nu65oB

This month audiences can screen Sanctuaries of Silence on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel. The VR/360 film takes viewers on an immersive journey with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton into the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State. Hempton narrates his work of 35 years capturing the sounds of the forest considered one of the most ecologically diverse environments and also considered one of the quietest places in North America. Hempton believes this quiet forest is being impacted by noise pollution and is at risk of becoming extinct.

Sanctuaries of Silence is co-produced and co-directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

The Global Search…

This month on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel, audiences can screen The Mess, a riveting documentary exposing the obstacles people with bipolar disorder must face and overcome in their daily lives.

Viewers meet Ellice, a strong woman who recounts her arduous experiences with bipolar disorder, a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings which include emotional highs and lows. When Ellice gets low, her room gets messy — she never sees it coming, but it always happens. …

I’m a Child, now screening on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel, is a beautifully animated music video depicting the harsh reality of our planet’s future if we do not invest in sustainability.

Created by Artist and Earth Activist Roze McQueen, the story follows a young boy led by a woman on a journey around the world as she reveals to him the grim outcome of Earth.

When faced with the stark contrast between the luscious green fields of now and the decay in the future, the boy, along with the audience, grow inspired to build a better tomorrow.


This month, audiences can screen a Planet Classroom original, Addiction & Art: Spotlight on Dopamine on the Network’s YouTube Channel. The video by artist, author and teacher Margaret Dowell explores addiction through artworks.

In the video, viewers will meet Margaret Dowell who believes in using art as a form of communication in the frozen in time Sunderland schoolhouse.

Dowel’s collection of 4 oil canvases, which include two diptychs, explores the effects of added dopamine by drugs and alcohol. Just like every great lesson taught, it ends in a call of action and empowerment.

Artist Margaret Dowell (MFA in Art, PhD…

Finding one’s passion is not a new challenge, but the story of how Coffin Nachtmahr overcame his struggles and found his passion is a call to action for us all in the documentary Throw, now screening on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel. Viewers will be inspired by Coffin, a Baltimore inner-city adolescent with a speech disorder, who finds purpose and confidence in throwing Yo-Yos as well as building his own company to inspire others. …

C. M. Rubin

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